The 10th International
Conference on Wireless Networks and Mobile Communications

26 to 28 October 2023.//Turkey Istanbul Technical University

(Hybrid mode: Physical and virtual)

"Smart Connectivity"

Technically Co-Sponsored by the IEEE Communications Society
IEEE Conference Record Number #59760

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WINCOM 2023 solicits high-quality and original contributions in ubiquitous networking, but not limited to, the following directions

  • Wireless Mobile Networks
  • Next-Generation Networks: 5G and 6G
  • AI, Machine learning in Network applications
  • AI-Enabled Networks
  • Game theory applied to networking problems
  • Learning theory to solve networking problems
  • Big Data for wireless networks
  • Federated learning applied to networking
  • Intelligent vehicle technologies and vehicular networks
  • Internet of thing and applications
  • Internet of Thing use cases and their applications
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning for wireless communication systems
  • Smart global connectivity
  • Challenges and issues in designing AI-enabled wireless networks
  • Deep learning techniques for wireless networks
  • Cloud Computing, Networking and Storage
  • Mobile slicing and Multi-homing
  • Cooperative/non-cooperative communications
  • Self-adaptation on the service layer
  • Service discovery and portability
  • Future Internet and Next-Generation Networking
  • Green Communication Systems and Networks
  • Modeling and performance evaluation
  • Security and Cybersecurity
  • Trust, Privacy & Blockchain Platforms
  • Signal processing for Wireless communication
  • Physical layer design
  • Modulation, coding, and diversity techniques
  • Channel capacity estimation, modeling and equalization
  • Radio resource management, allocation and scheduling
  • Congestion, load and admission control
  • Smart antennas: MIMO, Massive MIMO and beamforming
  • Reconfigurability, adaptivity in MAC and PHY layers
  • Adaptive and cognitive MAC
  • Cognitive radio networks, SDN and NFV
  • Cross-layer design involving MAC layer
  • Routing and QoS provisioning
  • Multihop communications: Ad hoc, WSN, DTN, VANET
  • M2M and MTC communications
  • Mobility Issues and continuity of services
  • Emerging Internet applications
  • Context and location-awareness in pervasive systems
  • Emerging wireless and mobile applications
  • User interfaces, user-machine interactions
  • P2P services for multimedia
  • Service oriented architectures
  • e-Healt, Body area networks
  • Mobile health care and medical applications
  • Implementation, testbeds and prototypes
  • Satellite Communications and Networking