The 9th International
Conference on Wireless Networks and Mobile Communications

October 26 – 29, 2022 // ENSIAS,  Rabat, Morocco

"Smart Connectivity"

Technically Co-Sponsored by the IEEE Communications Society
IEEE Conference Record Number #55661

Keynote speakers

Pr. Rachid El-Azouzi

University of Avignon, France

Pr. Mehdi Bennis

University of Oulu, Finland

Pr. Ibraheem Shayea

Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

Pr. Taskin Kavzoglu

Gebze Technical University, Turkey

Pr. Zouheir Rezki

University of California Santa Cruz, USA

Pr. Cheng Li

Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada

Call for papers Download CFP

WINCOM 2022 solicits high-quality and original contributions in ubiquitous networking, but not limited to, the following directions

  • Wireless Mobile Networks
  • Next-Generation Networks: 5G and 6G
  • AI, Machine learning in Network applications
  • AI-Enabled Networks
  • Game theory applied to networking problems
  • Learning theory to solve networking problems
  • Big Data for wireless networks
  • Federated learning applied to networking
  • Intelligent vehicle technologies and vehicular networks
  • Internet of thing and applications
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning for wireless communication systems
  • Smart global connectivity
  • Challenges and issues in designing AI-enabled wireless networks
  • Deep learning techniques for wireless networks
  • Cloud Computing, Networking and Storage
  • Mobile slicing and Multi-homing
  • Cooperative/non-cooperative communications
  • Self-adaptation on the service layer
  • Service discovery and portability
  • Future Internet and Next-Generation Networking
  • Green Communication Systems and Networks
  • Modeling and performance evaluation
  • Security and Cybersecurity
  • Trust, Privacy & Blockchain Platforms
  • Signal processing for Wireless communication
  • Physical layer design
  • Modulation, coding, and diversity techniques
  • Channel capacity estimation, modeling and equalization
  • Radio resource management, allocation and scheduling
  • Congestion, load and admission control
  • Smart antennas: MIMO, Massive MIMO and beamforming
  • Reconfigurability, adaptivity in MAC and PHY layers
  • Adaptive and cognitive MAC
  • Cognitive radio networks, SDN and NFV
  • Cross-layer design involving MAC layer
  • Routing and QoS provisioning
  • Multihop communications: Ad hoc, WSN, DTN, VANET
  • M2M and MTC communications
  • Mobility Issues and continuity of services
  • Emerging Internet applications
  • Context and location-awareness in pervasive systems
  • Emerging wireless and mobile applications
  • User interfaces, user-machine interactions
  • P2P services for multimedia
  • Service oriented architectures
  • e-Healt, Body area networks
  • Mobile health care and medical applications
  • Implementation, testbeds and prototypes
  • Satellite Communications and Networking