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Prof. Eitan Altman

Game Theoretic Models for Routing Over Wireless Links

Abstract: Analysis of routing in a competitive context is already 100 years old. It has become central in road traffic engineering and only in the last 25 years it started to penetrate into computer networks. Key differences between road traffic and road traffic models are 1. in road traffic a player (driver) is not expected to be lost where as in computer networks there are losses due to queueing overflow, to collision in the access to the network, to interference and to noise. 2. in road traffic, the decisions of a single player (a driver) have a negligible impact on the performance of other players which implies modeling the drivers as continuum flows. In computer networks the action taken by a decision maker may have a non-negligible impact on other players. In some cases this creates furter difficulties in handling a discrete action space rather than a compact convex one. We shall present some examples that illustrate these two modelling issues in routing games and present novel tools from discrete convex analysis to study the properties of equilibria in such games.

Prof. Eitan Altman
Eitan Altman received the B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering (1984), the B.A. degree in Physics (1984) and the Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering (1990), all from the Technion-Israel Institute, Haifa. In 1990 he received his B.Mus. degree in music composition in Tel-Aviv university.

Since 1990, Dr. Altman has been a researcher at INRIA (National research institute in computer science and control). He has been in the editorial boards of the journals Wireless Networks (WINET), Computer Networks (COMNET), Computer Communications (Comcom), J. Discrete Event Dynamic Systems (JDEDS), SIAM J. of Control and Optimisation (SICON), Stochastic Models, and Journal of Economy Dynamic and Control (JEDC). He received the best paper award in the Networking 2006, in Globecom 2007, in IFIP Wireless Days 2009 and in CNSM 2011 (Paris) conferences. His areas of interest include Network Engineering Games, social networks and their control and the analysis through game theoretical models of network neutrality issues.

He received in 2012 the Grand Prix de France Telecom from the French Academy of Sciences. On July 2014 he received the ISAACS Award from the Society of Dynamic Games for his contribution in game Theory. More information can be found at


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WINCOM'18 will be co-located with IEEE 5G Summit Marrakesh
WINCOM'18 will be held on October 16-19, 2018

WINCOM Conference Series

The International Conference on Wireless Networks
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October 16-19, 2018, Marrakech, Morocco