General Program(Final)


Tuesday  October 20, 2015

08:00 – 09:00


09:00 - 9:30


9:30 – 10:30

Keynote     Chair: Rachid El-Azouzi, LIA, University of Avignon

Title “Green wireless communications.”

Prof. Fabrizio Granelli, University of Trento Trento, Italy

10:30 – 11:00

Coffee Break

11:00 – 12:30

Session 1 (Room 1)

Session 2 (Room 2)

12:30 – 14:00

Lunch Break

14:00 – 16:00

Session 3 (Room 1)

Session 4 (Room 2)

16:00 – 16:30

Coffee Break

16:30 – 18:00

Session 5 (Room 1)

Session 6 (Room 2)

18:00 – 19:00

Welcome reception: Official Opening   

Wednesday October 21th 2015

08:00 – 09:00


09:00 - 10:00

Keynote     Chair:  Mohammed El Koutbi, ENSIAS, Mohammed V University of Rabat, Morocco

Title   “IPv6-based 5G Mobile Wireless Internet”

Prof. Latif Ladid, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

10:00 – 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 – 12:00

Session 7 (Room 1)

Session 8 (Room 2)

12:00– 14:00

Lunch Break

14:15 – 15:30

 Keynote     Chair: Jalel Ben-Othman, University of Paris 13, France

    Title “On the Road to 5G Networks”

Prof. Mounir Ghogho, University of Leeds, UK & UIR, Morocco

15:30 – 16:00

Coffee Break

16:00 – 18:00

Session 9 (Room 1)

Session 10 (Room 2)

19:00 – 23:00

Gala Diner

Thursday October 22th 2015

08:30 – 9:00


08:45 – 10:45

Tutorial    Chair: Abdellatif Kobbane, ENSIAS, Mohammed V University of Rabat, Morocco


Title “An overview on 5G and its enabling key radio access technologies”


Dr. Anass Benjebbour, NTT docomo Research Laboratories, Japan

10:45– 11:00

Coffee Break

11:00 – 12:30

Session 11 (Room 1)

12:30 – 14:00

Lunch Break


Tuesday October 20, 2015



Session 1: MAC layer: Modeling and performances evaluation 1

Chair: Essaid Sabir, ENSEM/UH2C, Morocco


·         Hanane Lamaazi, Nabil Benamar, Muhammad Iqbal Imaduddin and Antonio J. Jara “Performance Assessment of the Routing Protocol for Low Power and Lossy Networks”


·         Hajar El Hammouti, Mustapha Benjillali and Loubna Echabbi  “Power Allocation Optimization for Heterogeneous Networks: a Potential Game Approach”


·         Mohamed Et-tolba, Nissrine Mahir and Noria Tahiri  A Novel semi-analytical performance evaluation for a digital communication system using orthogonal series


·         Hassan El GHAZI, Youness Arjoune, Ahmed Tamtaoui and Ballihi Lahoucine “A Survey On Packet Scheduling Over DVB-S2 Through GSE Encapsulation”


Session 2: Multihop wireless communications 1

Chair: Mohammed El Koutbi, ENSIAS, Mohammed V University of Rabat, Morocco


·         Sofian Ben mussa, Mazani Manaf, Kayhan Zrar Ghafoor and Zouina Doukha “Simulation Tools for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks: A Comparison Study and Future Perspectives”


·         Mohammed Jouhari, Khalil Ibrahimi and Mohammed Benattou “Topology Control Through Depth Adjustment and Transmission Power Control For UWSN Routing Protocols”


·         Marwane Ayaida, Beatrice Beaujet, Frederic Valentin, Fabien Bradmetz, Guillaume Picco and Bilel Rojbi “Data Synchronization in Vehicles for On-Board Handrail”


·         Maria Benamar, Nabil Benamar and M Driss El Ouadghiri  “The effect of cooperation of nodes on VDTN routing protocols”



Session 3: MAC layer: Modeling and performances evaluation 2

 Chair: Mohamed Elkamili, FSDM, Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah University Fez, Morocco


·         Bessate Abdelmajid and El Bouanani Faissal  “Performance Analysis of MRC 

Diversity in Correlated Weibull Fading Channels”


·         Zeeshan Ahmed and Salima Hamma “Analytical Model of Two Level Scheduling Algorithm for WiMAX Networks”


·         Mohamed Firdaoussi ,  Hicham Ghennioui and Mohamed El Kamili  “New algorithm for blind recognition of OFDM based systems using Second-Order Statistics”


·         Afaf Bouhoute, Rachid Oucheikh, Yassine Zahraoui and Ismail Berrada  “A Holistic Approach for Modeling and Verification of Human Driver Behavior


·         Sara Gmir , Abdellatif Kobbane and Essaid Sabir  “A New Optimal Hybrid Spectrum Access in Cognitive Radio: Overlay-Underlay Mode”


Session 4: Coding and physical layer 1

Chair: Mohammed Et-Tolba, INPT, Morocco


·         Fatima Salahdine, Hassan El Ghazi, Naima Kaabouch (Presenter) and Wassim Fassi Fihri  “Matched Filter Detection with Dynamic Threshold for Cognitive Radio Networks”


·         Mehdi Omari, Omar Cherrak, Hicham Ghennioui, Mhammed Lahbabi and El Hossein Abarkan “A new accurate parameter estimation method for Unbalanced Three-Phase System based on correlation function”


·         Ahlam Berkan,  Ahmed Azouaoui and  Mostafa Belkasmi  “Soft-decision Decoding by a compact Genetic Algorithms using higher selection pressure”


·         Tarik Chanyour, Rachid Saadane and  Mostafa Belkasmi “Cooperation based Instantly Decodable Network Coding for Mobile Clouds”


·         Khalid Mrabe, Faissal El bouanani and Hussain Ben-azza “A secure multi-hops routing for VANETs”



Session 5: RFID and Antenna 1

Chair: Ismail Berrada, FSDM, Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah University Fez, Morocco


·         Ahmed Elhamraoui, El Hassane Abdelmounim, JAMAL ZBITOU,  Hamid Bennis and  Mohamed Latrach  “A New Design of A Compact CPW-Fed Dual-Band Printed Antenna For RFID Applications”.


·         Mohamed Ouaskou, Mohammed Lahmer and Mostafa Belkasmi “A Variant of HB Protocols Based on Permutation for Low-cost RFID”


·         Mohamed BAYJJA, Mohamed Boussouis and Naima Amar Touhami  “Analysis of dipole Antennas using moment methods and Haar wavelet”


·         Abdelmoumen Kaabal, Mustapha El Halaoui, Saida Ahyoud and Adel Asselman “Spectral and Time Domains Analysis of Pentagon UWB Antenna with WLAN Band-notched using Electromagnetic Band-Gap Structures”



Session 6: Next generation networking 1

Chair: Khalil Ibrahimi, University of IBN Tofail, Morocco


·         Peter Winzer and Erik Massarczyk  “An Economic View on Mobile and Fixed Broadband Networks in Germany”


·         Hind Khyati “Wireless operator strategies in emerging markets”


·         Mouad Lemoudden “Managing Cloud-generated Logs Using Big Data Technologies”


Wednesday October 21, 2015




Session 7: Next generation networking 2

Chair: Mohammed Erradi, ENSIAS, Mohammed V University of Rabat, Morocco


·         Imane Tamimi and Mohamed El Kamili “Literature Survey on Dynamic Community Detection and Models of Social Networks”


·         Sanae El Hassani and Abdelfatteh Haidine “Roadmap towards beyond 4G: Key Technologies and Challenges for 5G”


·         Nawal Bounouader, Sofia Ghacham, Ghassane Aniba and Zouhair
“Exploiting Zero Forcing Beamforming and TV White Space Band for Multiuser MIMO Cognitive Cooperative Radio Networks”


Session 8: Coding and physical layer 2

Chair: Mustapha Benjillali, INPT, Morocco


·         Olfa Ben Rhaiem and Lamia Chaari Fourati QoS improvement for multicast video streaming: a new Cross-layer scheme-based Mapping, Scheduling and dynamic Arbitration Algorithms for Multicast Scalable Video Coding (CMSAA-MSVC)”


·         Anouar Yatribi, Fouad Ayoub and Mostafa Belkasmi “Construction of Cyclic One-Step Majority-Logic Decodable Codes using Genetic Algorithms”


·         Abdelaziz Soulimani and Mustapha Benjillali “Closed-Form Performance Analysis of Generalized M-QAM over Multihop Weibull Fading Channels”


·         Moulay Abdellatif lmater, Abdelilah Karouit and  Haqiq Abdelkrim “An efficient pricing mechanism of Random Access in wireless network with self-interested mobile users”



Session 9: Multihop wireless communications 2

Chair: Mohammed Raiss El Fenni, INPT, Rabat, Morocco


·         Ahmed El Ouadrhiri, Rachid El-Azouzi and Mohamed El Kamili“Energy and Delay Optimal Epidemic Relaying in Delay Tolerant Networks”


·         Fatima Lakrami,  Najib El kamoun and  Mohamed El Kamili  “An enforced QOS shceme for high Mobile Adhoc Networks”


·         Asmaa El Gueraa,  Rachid Saadane and  Driss Aboutajdine  “Impact of Mobility Model on Packet Transmission in Vehicular Ad hoc Network based on IR-UWB”


·         Ridouane El Mezouary, Mohammed El Koutbi, Abdellah Houmz and Jamila Jalil “PRoPHET-RAIP5: A New Approach to Secure Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks”


·         Hicham Ouchitachen,  Abdellatif Hair and  Najlae Idrissi “Minimizing Energy Consumption in Mission-specific Mobile Sensor Networks by Placing Sensors and Base Station in the Best Locations: Genetic Algorithms Approach”



Session 10: RFID and Antenna 2 

Chair: Moahammed-Amine Koulali, ENSA, Oujda, Morocco


·         Hayat Errifi, Abdennaceur Baghdad, Abdelmajid Badri and Aicha Sahel “Optimization and Performance Analysis of Probe-Edge-Inset and Aperture Feed Patch Antenna covered by Dielectric superstrate”


·         Ahmed Zakaria Manouare, Saida Ibnyaich, Abdelaziz El idrissi and Abdelilah Ghammaz  “Broadband Triple-band CPW-Fed Patch Antenna for WLAN/WiMAX Operations”


·         Mahmoud Moubadir,  Naima Amar Touhami and Mohamed Aghoutane “Design and Implementation of a Technology Planar 8x8 Butler Matrix with Square Truncated Edge-Fed Array Antenna for WLAN Networks Application”


·         Najeh Jamali, Lamia Chaari Fourati “SKEP: a Secret Key Exchange Protocol using physiological signals in wireless body area networks”


·         Najeh Jamali, Lamia Chaari Fourati “PFKA: A Physiological Feature based Key Agreement for Wireless Body Area Network”


·         Ali Aghmadi,  Iliass Bouksim,  Abdellatif Kobbane and Tarik Taleb “A MTC Traffic Generation and QCI Priority-First Scheduling Algorithm over LTE”


Thursday October 22, 2015


Abdellatif Kobbane, ENSIAS, Mohammed V University of Rabat, Morocco
An overview on 5G and its enabling key radio access technologies
Dr. Anass Benjebbour, NTT docomo Research Laboratories, Japan.


Session 11: Modeling and performances evaluation 2

Chair: Tmiri Amal, FS El-Jadida Chouaib Doukkali University, Morocco


·         Noreddine Abghour, Magri Hicham and   Mohammed Ouzzif  “Analytical Models for jitter and QoS requirements with IPP and MMPP-2 Traffics”


·         Anass Benjebbour, Keisuke Saito,  Anxin Li,  Yoshihisa Kishiyama and Takehiro Nakamura “Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA): Concept, Performance Evaluation and Experimental Trials”


·         Mohssine El ajjouri, Siham Benhadou and Hicham Medromi  “New Collaborative Intrusion Detection Architecture Based on Multi Agent Systems”


·         Samia Jalil, Mohamed Abbad and Rachid El-Azouzi  “Hybrid FEC/ARQ Schemes for Real-Time Traffic in Wireless Networks”


·         Hasna Chaibi, Mostafa Belkasmi “UWB outdoor channel characterization and modeling based on measurements”