The international conference on wireless networks and mobile communications (WINCOM’15) will be held in the Imperial city of Morocco, Hotel Atlas Asni, Marrakech, on 20-23 October 2015. WINCOM’15 aims at examining the various challenges in the areas of wireless networks & mobile communications. The conference will provide a forum for exchanging ideas, discussing solutions, and sharing experiences among researchers and professionals from both academia and industry interested in wireless networks and mobile communications.
WINCOM has been organized for the last two years, and that is in the form of two workshops. The first edition was held in Fez on December 25th, 2013 ( and the second in Rabat on December 18th, 2014 ( Two other workshops, RAWSN 2013 ( and RAWSN 2014 ( were organized in Marrakech. Both workshops were very successful in attracting students (as we offered them free registrations and provided them with proceedings free of charge). We also could offer them a platform to exchange their ideas with experts we invited from overseas. Based on these workshops, some fruitful collaborations were even launched between some Moroccan institutions and European ones which has been appreciated by students and also their supervisors. To serve the local community much further and also to promote research within the whole north Africa region and beyond, we decided to convert the two workshops in a conference version of WINCOM, with the first edition to be organized in Marrakech.
Papers describing original research work on both theoretical and practical aspects of wireless networks and mobile communications are highly solicited.
WINCOM 2015 covers all types of wireless communications and networks: cellular networks, metropolitan networks, local area networks, ad hoc networks, sensor networks, delay-tolerant networks, mesh networks, content-driven networks, vehicular networks, or any convex combination of the above. Contributions to the conference should provide a significant improvement, compared to the state-of-the-art, to the design, analysis, and operations of wireless networks, either by offering new insights on theoretical aspects or by proposing novel practical optimization methods and Tools.